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Dr. Carson Joins Forces with The White Dress Project to Raise Awareness for Uterine Fibroids

After witnessing first-hand through his family and his community the damage uterine fibroids can do, Dr. Kevin Carson dedicated his career and his life to raising awareness about this medical condition. That’s one of the reasons Georgia Fibroid Center was founded; Dr. Carson could have the opportunity to change lives one patient at a time through medicine.

Recently, Dr. Carson united with The White Dress Project, an organization committed to educating and empowering women across the globe who have uterine fibroids. Their project’s mission is to help women feel confident enough to wear white dresses, a simple action that many women with suffer from uterine fibroids feel they cannot do.
The organization also has a founding pledge for women living with uterine fibroids. Members promise to:
  • Proudly wear their white dresses, which symbolizes strength, courage and perseverance
  • Increase awareness of the White Dress Project and fibroids to help others
  • Support their sisters dealing with fibroids and its symptoms.
Dr. Carson joined The White Dress Project at their event Social Change Sunday last year. This event series is dedicated to educating, discussing, and raising money for the medical fight to reduce the effects of uterine fibroids. Dr. Carson joined The White Dress Project for this event to offer his expert advice, his past experiences, and his future goals for eliminating uterine fibroids. The White Dress Project hosts events like this continuously, all meant to help women who suffer from this condition.
Dr. Carson continues to offer his support to this organization and all that they stand for. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carson to discuss uterine fibroids and their treatment, click here. To learn more about The White Dress project, please visit their website and their Facebook page for more information on how to get involved.

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Our physician Dr. Kevin L. Carson, MD CAQ was recently asked to speak at an event for The White Dress Project. Learn more about The White Dress Project

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