What You Should Know About Male Infertility and Vascular Health

What You Should Know About Male Infertility and Vascular Health

Male Infertility and Vascular Health


As an adult male, you may not like thinking about doctors and staying healthy, but it is a must. If you are like many men, two of your biggest health concerns are probably your heart health and your sexual health. Did you realize how connected these two parts of your body actually are? In reality, the health of your heart can impact all parts of your body. If you are dealing with any sort of health problems, understanding the connection between male infertility and vascular health is vital.


One of the most common causes of male infertility is something called varicoceles. Among infertile couples, the instance of varicoceles is around 30 percent. The varicocele is a varicose vein which occurs in the testicle or scrotum. Unlike some varicose veins that are just an aesthetic concern, these varicose veins can cause pain, testicular atrophy (better known as shrinkage) and even male infertility.


Since this is a problem that affects both your sexual and heart health, there are different forms of treatment that can be performed.   Varicocele embolization, which is a nonsurgical treatment that an interventional radiologist can perform is just as effective as the standard surgical treatments, and in many cases causes less pain, risk or recovery time.

Other Connections Between Vascular and Reproductive Health

While varicoceles are one of the biggest vascular concerns that can affect fertility, they certainly are not the only heart or vascular related problem. Good heart health leads to overall better health and may improve fertility as well. That’s why working with your vascular doctor and discussing all your medical concerns is so important. Following a healthy diet and taking recommended medication is vital to keep you feeling your best and performing well in all areas of life.

Your vascular health can impact many other parts of your body—not just the heart. That’s why having a good team of vascular specialists on your side is so important. If you have any questions or concerns about how your male infertility and vascular health are connected, reach out to the Georgia Vascular Institute team at 770-506-4007 today. We are always here for you and have several locations in the metro Atlanta area including Atlanta, Forest Park, Stockbridge, and Jonesboro. Or click here to schedule an appointment today.