The Symptoms and Effects of Poor Circulation

The Symptoms and Effects of Poor Circulation

Signs of Poor Circulation


Poor circulation can be a major problem for many people today, especially when other medical problems are present. Often, people don't even realize that they have circulatory problems because the symptoms aren't very well known. This blog focuses on helping you identify symptoms of poor circulation -- and when you should reach out for help.

Poor Circulation Symptoms: What Should You Look For?

Some of the signs of poor circulation are quite hard to deal with while others may be more subtle, at least in the beginning. The most common indicators that you may be suffering from poor circulation include:
- Numbness in your hands and/or feet
- A "pins and needles" sensation in your hands and/or feet
- Your hands and/or feet feel colder than the rest of your body
- Your feet and/or ankles are swollen
- You're having memory problems or can't focus
- You feel run-down or even exhausted all the time
- You have joint pain
- You experience muscle cramps often
- Your skin color changes in some areas of your body
- Your skin's texture changes, becoming thicker and tougher in some places
It's quite common to have several of these symptoms simultaneously. It's not unusual for the symptoms to be worse at some times than others. However, improvements are usually short-lived unless you seek out treatment for your circulation problems.

How Does Poor Circulation Affect the Body--and Your Life?

Poor circulation can impact your life in a number of negative ways.

For starters, many people with poor circulation find it difficult to stand, even for short periods of time. Exercising--even at a moderate pace--can be nearly impossible, especially when you're experiencing numbness, tingling or swelling in your feet. Even driving a car can be difficult if you have circulatory problems that impact your feet.

Similarly, simple tasks that require holding an object, like cutting food with a knife, can be difficult when your hands are cold, numb, tingling, or swollen.

If poor circulation is causing you to miss out on your normal daily activities, it's time to ask for help. With today's highly advanced treatments, you can find relief and get back to the things you enjoy.

If you're dealing with poor circulation, Georgia Vascular Institute can help. We are a referral center that aids in both diagnostics and treatment, and we can help with everything from lifestyle change recommendations to surgical interventions.

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