Signs of Infertility in Men and Women

Signs of Infertility in Men and Women

Signs of Infertility in Women

The main sign of infertility in women is an inability to conceive for 6-12 months of unprotected sex. You may also notice other symptoms, including:
- Erratic periods 
- More or less bleeding than usual during periods
- Skipped periods
- Unusually painful periods
If the infertility is connected to a hormone deficiency or excess, the symptoms may also include:
- Increase in skin breakouts
- Increase or decrease in sexual desire
- Increase in hair growth, particularly on the face
- Rapid weight gain even though diet hasn't changed
- Hair loss

Signs of Infertility in Men

The signs of infertility in men can be more challenging to recognize, and in fact many men don't suspect it until they're trying to have a child with their partner. Some other changes that can be indicative of infertility in men may include: 
- Chronic respiratory issues
- Overdevelopment in chest (gynecomastia)
- Sexual dysfunction: this can include impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or unusually small quantity of ejaculate.
- Testicular pain
- Swelling in the testicles
- Lumps in the testicles
It's not uncommon for men to have fewer of these signs -- or even none of these signs at all. Therefore, if you've been trying to have a child with your partner for 6-12 months without success, it's best that you both see a doctor to diagnose the problem.

When you seek professional help, infertility is often a treatable condition. Your doctor can first get the the source of the problem and can also help raise your odds to conceive when you're ready to do so.

We Can Help With Infertility in Men and Women

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