Georgia Vascular Institute Offers Telemedicine Appointments to Uterine Fibroid Patients

Georgia Vascular Institute is proud to introduce the newest service offered to Dr. Kevin Carson’s patients: telemedicine appointments. This easy-to-use and easy-to-understand appointment feature allows Dr. Carson to videochat with his patients that may be candidates for uterine fibroid treatment, combining convenience and medical expertise. All a patient has to do is click “Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment” on the GVI homepage and follow the step-by -step instructions. A patient can schedule an online appointment, receive email confirmation, and sync the appointment time with their calendar all in one place.

When it comes time for the telemedicine appointment, all the patient has to do is logon with a computer that has microphone and webcam capabilities and use our secure videoconference software, DoxyMe. The Doxy Me software link is located in the confirmation email as well as on Step Two of the “Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment” page. It’s as easy and simple as that!

We offer this service as a way to speak to patients who otherwise might not be able to make it to see Dr. Carson in person, for those struggling with a long commute or other issues strict work schedules. These patients now have the option to stay at work or at home while still receiving high-quality healthcare.

It is our hope to be able to reach more and more patients with this opportunity. Check out this innovative service yourself by clicking here!