Cancer Treatments

Doctors treat most cancers with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or some combination of these treatments, depending on the types and stage of a patient’s cancer. Interventional radiologists have developed procedures to treat many cancer patients and to improve quality of life. We work closely with clinical oncologists to plan and provide the best course of treatment for our patients.

Georgia Vascular Institute provides the following interventional procedures and treatments for our patients:

Tumor Biopsy

Many cancers are now diagnosed by needle biopsy. This is performed typically as an outpatient procedure with less risk and side effects compared to a conventional surgical biopsy. This is usually done using conscious sedation or local anesthetic. During the procedure the doctor uses imaging guidance (such as CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, or MRI) to insert a small needle into the tumor. A small amount of tissue is removed and examined by a pathologist to determine if cancer is present.

Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Carson

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Dr. Subramanian

Did You Know?

Approximately 10 percent of all men have varicoceles- among infertile couples, the incidence of varicoceles increases to 30 percent.