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Georgia Vascular Institute

Georgia Vascular Institute offers advanced treatments for women who are struggling with uterine fibroids and anyone dealing with hemorrhoids. 

Board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist Kevin Carson, MD, CAQ, and his compassionate team welcome patients at two offices located in Atlanta and Stockbridge, Georgia.

By the time most women with fibroids seek help from the team at Georgia Vascular Institute, they’ve spent months or years in pain and dealing with vaginal bleeding. 

This delay in treatment concerns Dr. Carson because it puts all women at risk of developing serious health problems like anemia and infertility. 

However, he especially encourages African-American women to schedule a consultation because they’re three times more likely to develop fibroids than White women.

Dr. Carson has devoted his practice to empowering all women with health information and effective treatments that restore their well-being. He eliminates fibroid symptoms and preserves a healthy uterus through a nonsurgical, outpatient procedure called uterine fibroid embolization.

The Georgia Vascular Institute team welcomes everyone needing help with hemorrhoids. They encourage anyone who has rectal bleeding to schedule an appointment and learn how a safe, minimally invasive procedure, hemorrhoidal embolization, can eliminate their bleeding and hemorrhoids.

As a vascular and interventional radiologist, Dr. Carson performs procedures using a very tiny cut that lets him insert a catheter into a blood vessel. He uses real-time imaging to guide the catheter to the fibroid or hemorrhoid, then treats the problem from inside the blood vessel.

Patients go home the same day, recover quickly, and return to their life, full of energy and without the symptoms that kept them down.